Felicia Polk Jackson

Founder / The CPR Lifewrap, LLC

"The show was amazing. It stimulated EVERY sense...hard to hold back the tears!! Blessed to know you."

Katrina Dean

/ Artist, Poet

"The vibes you create with your words unspoken. The process. Last night. Just magical and I appreciate it. You're an advocate of the new tomorrow. It was an honor to be in attendance. Job well-done bro."

J.Ed Marston

VP of Marketing / EPB Chattanooga

"Through the Grey is incredibly engaging. Poetic, visual, and found arts elements are integrated in an evocative synthesis. When I walked in, I felt myself transported by the overall impact of the exhibition, and as I moved through the room, I fell into the immersive experience of reading and absorbing each piece."

Carla Elliott

/ Spoken Word Artist

"Wow....Genesis the Greykid Art and Poetry Exhibit was truly a spiritually moving experience. Each piece of art takes you on his recent travels, physically and in spirit, gently challenging fellowship with the her and him inside of you that make them so special. God bless and many continued blessings young man!"

Matt Mclelland

Innovation Research Manager / Kenco Innovation Labs

"Through the Grey was an introspective evening where music, art, and poetry came together in a way I hadn't experienced before."

Mike Bradshaw

Executive Director / The Company Lab

"For an unrelated reason, I was reading an ancient text late last night, and I came across this passage that reminded me of your work. 'Atemporal emptiness, free from conceptual elaboration.Primordially pure in essence, natural expression and compassionate energy.' What I love the most about your work, besides the simple fact that it's channeled through you, is how spirit weaves through the physical, complete with signposts pointing the way."

Telaine Nicholson

CEO / Wafflez

"I was blessed a couple years ago to meet this young man. He is so awesome. His spirit and attitude just makes you smile. Anytime I have the opportunity to be around him, I am truly blessed. I truly love this guy and his spirit. Be blessed."

Dave Steele

VP of Education / Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

"Awesomeness abounds."

Seshat Em-N'hast

/ Healer, Philosopher

" Still recycling the energy from last night's art exhibit brought to us by the master Genesis the Greykid....Fallon Clark you put it out there for my presence and I am absolutely grateful. It was everything 'eye' needed. Thank you sister goddess. I'm not in the past but the past is in me and therefore those moments are still vibrating within my frequency..."

Maura Bradshaw

/ Self-employed/Domestic Goddess

"The love and passion you put into the world Genesis the Greykid, comes right back to you and encourages us to spread the love and passion"

Nabil Ince

/ Artist, Musician

"Through the Grey was a dope experience I've never been apart of before. I didn't know poetry could create an environment like that."

Max Spiker

/ Artist, Healer

"I love the stories behind the paintings...."

Eye Van

/ Shiz Dope

“The honesty in his words is what most search for in an artist today...”

Mots Clés

/ Now Playing Magazine

“The pen is that of a poet, pictorially and packed with references, but also delicate."


/ Rail Road Hip Hop

“This interview shed light on the creative process of the artist - it opened up that window to Genesis' thought. I enjoyed how tangible and accessible the ideas that you guys grappled with were. Good Stuff and more importantly real stuff... I appreciate the perspective. ”

Franklin Williams Jr

/ FJR Studios

“He speaks to the soul...”


/ Iconifa Fashion Nation

“....I don't think there's much talent so sincerely like this skillful artist God has put towards mankind."


/ Welcome to Mars

“I have been following this kid on twitter for sometime, and every time he drops something its fucking dope. Pretty sure he is on his way to being a big name keep him on your radar.........”

Jake Paine

/ Hip Hop Dx

“Two of my trusted friends in this industry hipped me to this video early last week. Jake at Rhymesayers Entertainment and Amir at Blame The Label hit me within minutes of each other to discuss this out-of-nowhere rhyming sensation Genesis The Greykid…”


/ Soul Ingredient

“His words on life struggles are so real.”

Jesse James

/ Stupid Dope

“The track was produced by DJ KO and finds Genesis getting to business as he spits out some ill, thought provoking lines. Genesis shows off his skill as he lets his lyricism shine through over the soulful, well put together beat. Judging by the sounds of it, Genesis has got a promising future ahead of him.”

Nathan S.

/ DJ Booth.Net

“Do You Know who Genesis the GreyKid is? You do? Well then, you’ve obviously up on your underground rapper/poets. For the rest of us, we can consider Genesis’ new video Do You Know one hell of an introduction to the VA native’s unique style. Opening with a spoken word piece before giving way to some straight up hip-hop founded on a MADLIB beat that could have only come from MADLIB, Know finds Genesis reflecting on his struggles, and the strength those struggles has given him: ‘I done seen times harder than you think / nothing here to drink / had to fill the milk carton with water from the sink.’”


/ Metrojolt.

“In today’s Hip-Hop climate where it seems like an artists will do just about anything to appear outside of the box, Genesis the Greykid is a refreshing change of pace. In the past 2 years, the Virginia Beach ghostwriter/poet/rapper has dropped two mixtapes creating a small, yet solid buzz linking him up with Dame Dash’s DD172 label and the Creative Control media outlet. Genesis’ buzz has little to do with any flashy gimmick or crazy new idea he’s running with, the Greykid is simply a phenomenal lyricist.”


/ Emilio Sparks

“Genesis has some insightful lyrics and observant opinions about the world. Sad enough I have never heard of this guy until recently. Criminal, I know…”

Jennifer Cromartie

“Genesis the Greykid's work of poetry is perfect for that early morning when you waken before the sky does, or on that late afternoon when you need a mental and visual break from the clutter and to-do lists, or the night when you finally unwind with that well-deserved beverage. In fact, Words in Grey is the perfect set of poetry for any number of days when you simply need a refresher course in wonder.”

Andrew Rodgers

“....The writing is accessible, but with the edge of someone who really knows their craft.”

Mr X

/ (Amazon Review)

“Genesis manages to evoke a lot of emotion through few words, which to me is mastery of the craft. He touches on so many ineffable parts of the human condition that often get ignored in the world at large - loneliness, death, longing. Yet he touches them in the reader in such deep ways and with care and humility.”

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Alan Shuptrine
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