You Must

48 x 60 / SOLD

48x60in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

“You must” came from the many, many, many, conversations I’d have with friends and new acquaintances that couldn’t help using the word “realistic” with me.

Every idea, or dream, or plan, they’d say
“Yeah, but that’s not really realistic.”  
“That sounds cool….but you have to be more realistic.”

I disagree.

90% of all the things I’ve ever done in my career started out as completely “unrealistic” and now, I’m helping others to do the same. Most of the material things we use on a daily basis, 100 years ago wasn’t realistic. In my head, nothing is impossible, everything – with a plan, passion, and a little luck (or God if you believe) can become.





they won’t believe you

or understand you

but still

you must.”