When i see you, i must see myself

40 x 30 / commissions / SOLD

This was a commission from the homie Ben….great guy. One of the things i could feel was really important to him in life, was family, community, and his part of all of that. His career played a role in this as well….how he saw and felt community. His impact on it. Beautiful really how his life and passion seemed to compliment each other so much.

wrote two poems on this one:
“When I see your face,
I must see my own…
when you see my neighborhood,
it’s not a community yet,
unless you see your own within it”
. . .
“The human experience
lives beyond your political opinions,
beyond what religion you choose
or decide not to choose….
it lives inside the very heart.
A sticky place.
Where kindness, tenderness, and love,
can keep this chaotic world