We All Cast Shadows

40 x 30 / SOLD

40x30in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

It’s okay to lean into the light…but it’s also okay to sit in the shadows. In the darker places of your interior (whatever that means to you). We all go through it, we all cast shadows. Some will spend a life time running from whats normal and healthy, perceiving it as a fatal flaw or something wrong. When in reality, even when still, the shadows always move. My dark place usually involves long periods of time where I’m not creating….as much as I love moving, being still for me, is a good thing. Sitting in the shade for awhile, from time to time looking up at the clouds float by. Its not a waist (which is what I use to believe)…its needed. Or perhaps a bad breakup or toxic relationship, or whatever it is. It’s here. It passes. We lean into the light.