Up from Here

40 x 30 / SOLD

40 x 30 in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

This painting emerged during a night outside of a restaurant called “State of Confusion”. There were friends around a fire pit, and a lot of new folks i’ve never met (some flew in from France, some from other parts of the US), but everyone was kicking it and building in a very authentic way. I didn’t talk much, instead I decided to paint the vibe I was feeling from it all. No real direction or intention with the painting, which is exactly what I observed through the group. Several people would come up to me and ask “what are you painting” or “what is your plan for this piece”, in which I’d reply with a smile “I have no idea….im letting it do it’s own thing”. I could tell it bewildered some, but for others they understood the piece was more about a moment felt. It’s almost the difference between feeling the wind, and turning on the fan to create “wind”. In this moment, it felt better to feel the wind than to try and create a breeze.

side note: I let a friend (Laney) make the first mark on this piece….she painted a red heart toward the bottom right of the canvas, which I painted over and around and through. She shared such an incredible story with me in regards to her family a week before…. I thought it was really cool that her first expression with the brush was a heart.