48 x 36 / SOLD

36x48in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Early spring of 2016, while doing a poetry workshop in Patten Towers (section 8 housing) I met a man that went by Monroe. Although he was pretty sick, his mind was still very sharp. We’d spend most days just people watching, reflecting over life, and most times, i’d simply ask him for wisdom. Monroe ( 69 years old) told me one day, “Genesis, the secret to life, to wisdom, is understanding….you’ll grow old and forget a lot of analogies. You’ll those wise sayings or reflective  stories. But as long as you have understanding, you’ll never lose the message.”

Months later, the inside cover of this old book I found in a junk pile reminded me of Monroe’s last bit of wisdom he gave me before he disappeared.

“Happy is the  / man that findeth / Wisdom and the / man that getteth
Understanding.“ © Proverb 3:13

I felt after one finds understanding (as I found Monroe and this inside book cover flap) that individual could do anything.

Marking out “We” because it’s not about a group thing here….It’s about “you” claiming your own brilliance.