This Time

48 x 60 / SOLD
60x48in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton


I wrote part of this poem after missing out on a big creative project near the summer of 2016. Then, like most good things in life, I gave it time to breathe.
I didn’t come back to this poem until early October, after my ex-girlfriend and I broke up and by the craziest stroke of chance….in a parking garage, I met Briana.
It was almost like I went through so much to start back at the beginning. Within three hours of meeting this girl, I told my brother I was going to marry her. How is this possible? I was just telling myself I’d be single for an entire year. Although we are no longer together, I’m starting to appreciate the experiences as they are….as they come.
  “This time” around, single,  I spent most of my free time pouring into my craft, my art, my walks.. While creating, while doing the very thing I love, I meet a brilliant/beautiful young lady (Kreneshia), whose passion and spirit align so well with my own strange artistic one. It was only a matter of time before we would agree to share our hearts on this journey into the future.  Lol, funny ~ this is the only painting I have that has a “living” bio (one that’s updated each year),
which to me, is so beautiful. So alive.
So “this time” around, I see things differently. Every experience, relationship, success, and failure was all necessary for my soul’s evolution as a human being. All those long walks were necessary, to truly begin walking from the beginning.