The Unknown

48 x 36


36x48in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Sitting in a coffee shop, near a window on a very cold morning, these words came to me. Usually I’m watching something unfold and putting language around the feeling, but this was different. No one was walking by (too cold really). It was early enough and cold enough, that even the sun rose late that day…or at least stayed under the cover of clouds for most of the morning, until it heated up a few more degrees. I think seeing the empty trees, the grey’s and navy blues in the sky, all the lack of life that was just here months ago, drew my attention to absence. To nothingness in a way. Being, then unbecoming. Or, here then gone. Only the memory of things (the tree was there but the leaves were gone, etc). Almost like us. We’ve all lost family members at some point in life, and carry the memories along, passing those along to another when we go.

Reflecting on all of this, i smiled…not at all of the passing, but the fact that I had the time to explore such a thing. For the last 10 years, I’ve been blessed with having the time, to sit in places like this, watching and writing about all the little discoveries in and around myself. It may come off as a sad poem, but truly, when writing this it felt more like a blessing. Almost like a birthmark you hate on yourself, until someone points out how beautiful it looks…a shooting star they said it looked like, or your favorite country perhaps, and now that same scare has become something uniquely wonderful. A recognition now of an ancient design, woven onto you, in the womb….or if you believe, many many millenniums before.


if by chance
you take the time
to take the time,
you’ve already lost…..
i hope in your finding it,
you smile
realizing how small we all are,
as you fade into the unknown,
or whatever it is
you believe
comes after death.”