The Red Moment

48 x 60 / SOLD

48 x 60 in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Walking with a friend, moving through back roads and side streets downtown, there came a moment.

We were in the “Woods” in a figurative way, just a lot of stuff happening with her and her new promotion, and lots of stuff happening with me and my coming exhibitions.
We both were excited and nervous, found and lost, all at the same time.

In some way, I’m not sure she even knows, seeing her move through her passion helped me move through my own. And I’m sure in some way I’m not aware of, the same could be true with her. Because we’ve never expressed this with each other. It’s within the silence of moving forward. Of walking through the “woods” and uncharted territory with fear, and strength, and wonder, and all the other swirling thoughts….but always walking and moving forward. Through it all.

Her steps led me through that moment.

Her steps led me through that moment.




“walking and tracing her steps

she led me to

a break through the woods,

and i could,

in that moment,

do anything.”