Distant Lover

24 x 24 / SOLD

24 x 24 in Acrylic & Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

This piece was created with a good friend of mine in mind….he has a lover that lived a couple thousand miles away. They have a long, enduring love, i felt bright red’s and colors like that wouldn’t embody how i thought a long love like that – if it could be a color – would feel like. They still have intensity in their relationship im sure, but i thought it’d be a more subdued energy….something very familiar even with each others new discoveries. So I chose a shade of currant/cherry to streak for a moment underneath the medallion/butterscotch shades. With an arctic blue ~ more or less to symbolize there are still those new things about something so enduring. LOVE is still the sauce in the base of it all though….and it always should be.