The Bellies Soul

48 x 36 / commissions / SOLD


48x36in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

*will be auctioned at HullaBOWLoo, in an effort to help raise funds to eliminate hunger and promote better nutrition in the region*


Phil and i sat down one evening outside a coffee shop and brainstormed around the birth of this piece. The word that first came to him was ‘nurture’, the words that came to me, ‘the bellies soul’.

We thought of many more, but sometimes there arent enough words. The very act, or touch, the energy in the movement of the very thing inspiring, lives off the fairway of the word.
To illustrate what I mean by this…I remember a friend and I were walking to the car and we came upon a man with no shoes. Mind you, it couldnt of been any warmer than 30/40 degrees outside and this guy with no shoes was obviously homeless. Now we never usually have cash and today was no exception, but my friend was moved to stop by the guy and ask “what size shoe you wear?” He replied “size 9”, my friend took his shoes off and gave them to him.
Now there are many words that came to mind in that moment, kindness, love, tenderness even. But they dont hold a candle to the energy within his action.
In this painting, although we thought of many words, I wanted them to become lost in the overall action of the piece (1,000’s of little dots over the span of a week).

If you get a chance to visit the food bank and see all the little moving parts and people and relationships it takes, to deliver something we could box into the word compassion or kindness ~ you’d then understand as I did, the anatomy of the word. It lives beyond even its meaning…and once we grasp this, in a way, we become it.