Strangers vs Friends

48 x 36 / SOLD

36x48in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton
In life, i’m not sure if I’ve ever met a stranger. That’s just my philosophy. Something I try to practise everyday. I wanted to convey how much this idea needed to be nurtured by boxing it in. Among the chaos, leaving it safe. Protected.

And although it’s within this box, it’s completely out of the box of most people’s mantra. During my travels around the country, asking people random questions – like, “what’s the secret to happiness?” or “if your heart was an instrument, what song would it play?” –
totally caught them off guard. But also would shock all their Senses. As if somehow through this little question, from a stranger that actually cares to hear their response, suddenly becomes intimate.

They stepped out of their own heads for a second….and in this space, two strangers that haven’t known each other longer than 2 minutes, can become friends.