Stay Free


28 x 33in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton ( Genesis x Audrey Schilt)

Me and famed fashion designer Audrey Schilt came together through her manager Matt (the CEO of B.O.C. *Business of Coordination ~ a company comprised of management executives & trailblazers behind some of the worlds leading musicians, producers, artist, and entertainers). Both having deep appreciation for each others work, over the next year and a half, Audrey and I moved slowly toward how each other could create something that complimented both aspects of each life….of each artist as a whole. Both coming from completely different walks of life, both gravitating toward two totally different ways of life, both on different ends of the life spectrum, found so much common ground through what Matt of B.O.C. called, “the human experience”.

As artist, as human beings, you’d think we’d known each other for a millennia….when we both put thoughts to canvas, when we both put our souls into the blank empty spaces, you could feel how these two worlds danced without stepping on each others toes. Her through capturing the life within the image or picture in our hearts, me with adding texture, rhythm, and language around the life. We’ve had so much fun creating and collaborating, we hope you appreciate our humble offerings.