Sometimes, We Must Cross the Line

48 x 60 / SOLD

48x60in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

I decided to take a trip around the country in the late summer of 2016. Travelling over 5,800 miles by foot and train. During this trip, I went around asking random people what they felt the secret to happiness was.

I must’ve spoken to almost 500 people on my travels, all giving their little jewels of truth. After reflecting over all that was said, I saw A common thread. Doing what you love, following your intuition, and conquering fears.

While on the train, headed through Colorado toward Chicago, this little poetic Mantra came to me….inspired by all the little random people (i see as friends now) and the journey itself.

There’s always a way through, everyone has this internal compass inside of them. The little red dots symbolize that compass, the yellow was symbolic of the lines we may need to cross in life….the risk we feel are “worth it”. I left a break in the line, because not everyone will need to make such a bold move. Also, “luck” or “the universe” will give you a break from time to time if you’re open to exploring the magic & love in your bones. If you’re okay with levitating.