48 x 36 / SOLD

48x36in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

When I get to bed, I can sleep for hours and hours and hours….days even (if I really wanted to). The problem comes usually when I feel a creative itch in me (which happens around 11am and 11pm give or take a few hours). Whenever its nearing noon, or nearing midnight, for some strange reason, I get this surge of “go”.The urge to take whatever ideas I had throughout the day, and really take them apart and see them through, which often keeps me up until 2am, 3am, or even 6am. Since I make my own schedule its not really a problem until I do this back to back to back, which easily happens when you’re working on dreams, or soul and beauty.¬†Although the work is fun, my body does a lot of secret work when I’m sleeping (I know you feel it too…at least, i hope you do), so as much as I love battling it out in the a.m. with my mind and heart and soul, I wrote this around 5 a.m., deprived¬†and hungry for the hidden work that can only be done, asleep.

in and out of consciousness
(but not sleep)
i reach for the cool darkness
trying to persuade relief
to push against
my eyelids
and pull out the key
that opens the door of dreams
hidden behind sheets
(and many trivial things)
that keep me awake.