Push On

48 x 60 / commissions / SOLD

48x60in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

A good friend of mine, Dj Artifacts (brilliant A&R/DJ, very creative brotha) informed me of a gentlemen he worked with (Brandon Mimms) looking for an inspirational piece. Brandon wanted the theme based around an old Jordan quote about success through failure.

After taking my usual walk, the first lines came to me and the rest (like a flood in a dry place) was happily welcomed.

“Like you….I’m a collection of mistakes.”




“like you,

i’m a collection of mistakes

and missed opportunities

that can easily shake

the strongest of spirits

and yet

i push on…

because within this push – i inspire

within this push – i discover

within this push,

i draw closer to a zone of genius,

buried deep

in my soul.”