Nothing Matters

48 x 60 / SOLD

48 x 60 in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

During my Words In Grey session (a creative & explorative workshop I created) the theme was an old portrait of a man with a straight face. As we all started to write, I noticed the most interesting thing about the picture was his mustache and his eyes. The mustache was thick and covered his top lip, disguising whether he was frowning or holding back anger. His eyes, however, they told everything. His pain, his sadness, if he was trying to mask his true feelings, his eyes betrayed him….and gave me these words.




“the light

has walked away

from my eyes,

my heart

hasn’t spoke

to my soul

in many months,

since you left

my own spirit

has yelled mutiny,

and refuses

to occupy

this shell.”