No Love (that's alright)

48 x 48

48x48in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

This was a creative project through Casa Grey. The gifted producer Seven Marcus Aurelius (also known as Channel 7) and super talented Chris Stylez created a song together that touched on all the things in life someone may go through where they dont get any love. No one is there to hold you up or encourage you, but you know you have to push beyond it. You have to become “alright” with it, because the world isn’t ready, but sometimes the world is just downright cold. Seven called me over the phone with an idea to create something that touched on different types of groups out there in the world that experience this on a daily. While also thinking of indivisuals in particular. I layered this piece similarly to the “Brothers” painting (by the same producer Seven Aurelius & Irv Gotti, featuring Kanye West & Charlie Wilson).