my morning jacket

48 x 60


I put my favorite jacket on, to drive to my studio located on a beautiful field in Chattanooga TN…amid the Corona Pandemic. It felt good, this morning. Tons of bad news on TV, even more awful news on my AP news app, but today with my favorite morning jackt on, warm tea (w/ a shot of espresso) in my coffee mug, I painted for hours….and hours. It was such a peaceful and joyful air in the studio. A few phone calls broke up the utopia of joy, and reminded me that we were indeed in a Pandemic that the world is a frightened over (and for good reason I’m sure). But when I put the phone back away, I entered back into the bliss of my joy….painting…writing…creating. No matter the mood outside, this painting brings joy with it 🙏🏽