Muse (more us)

40 x 30 / SOLD
40x30in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton
I created this painting while up on Lookout Mountain (in Chattanooga, TN). I walked around for a few hours, rode around for a few minutes. Went to the park, sat near some very beautiful views, but also realized that I was the only person that looked like myself up on the mountain. Not to say I was the only minority, but after hanging out up their for a full week, you’d think I’d see one other person….but never did. It’s a chill community and i have a lot of close friends up there. But for some reason, while working on this painting, that observation stayed with me. The mountains that served as my muse, also served as a barrier. Or perhaps, on my walks on the mountain, I was the muse ~ a dread locked, paint splattered, sweatpants and vans wearing minority. In either case, I would love to see more people that look different up there….lol funny, I wonder if the homies would even want to live up on this mountain?