24 x 24 / SOLD

24 x 24in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Sitting outside of a cafe with Chris, my brother Seronte, Mrs Magic, and Johnny….I decided to paint something that’s been in my head awhile. While creating the base, a homeless brotha walked up to us and we spoke with him for about 30 minutes. One of us asked him the question, “What would have to happen, for things to change around here?” He responded, “People with the money, don’t realize that can all be taken away. They need to get off of their high horse, put self aside, and listen.”

I’ve spoken to this brotha before at length, but something about what he said moved me in such a way, I told him, “you know what, is it okay for me to use the last part of that message for this small painting im working on? If it sells, I’ll give you have of it.” He gave me his blessing, and here we are….