In the Family

48 x 60 / commissions / SOLD

 61 x 48.5in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

The homie ~ Mogul management president Brandon Mimms ~ hit me up early in May with ideas around a personal painting he wanted done for Yo Gotti. After messaging back and forth different ideas, he told me “A family the grinds together, shines together….i know that sounds sorta lame, but what it means is very important to us. Write something in that lane.”

For me, I thought about where B. Mims personal relationship with Yo Gotti was and how they all move as a family. How the team operates with such a high level of loyalty and move as one. B told me Gotti would always say, “Don’t chase the money, chase the dream”, so underneath all the paint, and the poetry, I weaved in that quote several times all over the painting. You have to lean in close to make it out and see it, but like the quote itself, it’s something that always remains within….underneath it all.