24 x 24 / SOLD


24 x 24in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

The silence, the nature, and otherness of all the wildlife…the roaring river a few feet away, all of that went into this painting (and the mosquitoes lol). It never felt finished at first, so I started talking and realized I had to stop speaking, and let it become. Usually what tends to happen when I let myself out of the room my creative mind lives in, is my whole body in that moment can shape itself into the feeling…into the paint…into the words. Was I speaking to myself, internally “underneath it all, I’m here”? If not, whose voice was it? My mouth didn’t move…but I heard it in my head…is there something within us that speaks without a mouth and hears without ears? ~ whatever you believe… whether it was the divine, or the “being”/conscious within, when I heard it I smiled  and felt in a way, grateful to be listening