I am here....and so are you

60 x 72 / Diamond collection


For pricing or any general questions in regards to this Diamond Collection series,
please email our London rep: Jack@GenesisTheGreykid.com

When things aren’t on your front steps, when it’s not hitting you directly, it can be easy to become disconnected. Often unintentionally, but still too often. I know how it is, to feel unseen….invisible almost. On the outside of it all, possibly even yourself. If not for the tremendous encouragement I received from my parents and friends growing up, I wouldn’t be here today. Whether others see, care, etc, I am here. I am whole. I am brilliant.

Whether anyone can truly relate to you or not, or what you’re going through….like all the diamonds that cover this painting – your brilliantly unique. You are here. And i love you 💜