Fuera de Cajas

24 x 24 / SOLD

24 x 24 in Acrylic & Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

I created this particular piece while traveling through Knoxville TN from Florida. I stopped inside the market square and met a friend there where we had tea and talked life. She felt sorta boxed in (at least, in my opinion, a little unable to move). We spoke about the art of falling, failing, getting up, and trying it all over. We shared ideas about the system, how in the creative world there really are no rules, and from time to time, we ventured outside of the boxes even free flowing creatives can cleverly build around themselves. As human beings, we have a huge capacity to fool ourselves….I believe we do this sometimes even with these “boxes”. Perhaps that’s what is meant through the teachings of Tao (or Dao ~ meaning “the way”). That “being and non-being create each other….long and short define each other….before and after follow each other. The dancer and the dance can not be separated, the poet and poem are one.”