fable < legend

40 x 30 / commissions / SOLD

These two paintings, labeled “Fabel < Legend” was a commissioned pair of paintings from the young homie Taylor. Now this kid is younger than 24yrs old but has done and seen more than most 50 yr olds. Not enough space to write what this brotha has done…with that being said, he came to me with this idea. He already had bought 3 paintings for a condo downtown, but wanted 2 more to speak to a more personal place in his life. He’s starting a new business venture, taking some big risk that comes along with that, and wanted something that spoke to legacy. But also something that spoke to the fables and stories he’s gathered along the way. He told me in his eyes, “the run parallel. You can’t really have one without the other.”

Whatever the reason that inspired this brotha to commission these two paintings, I thought it really dope that he was living it…that he wanted something on the wall that reminded him.