Dreams Are Necessary

48 x 60

48x60in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Back in the spring of 2012, I was just leaving New York City, headed down to Baltimore when I created a song called “A Thought” produced by NED (look it up if you ever get the chance). Within that song, I told an entire story of life, relationships, and observations of the world through my grey lens at the time. This saying came between an older gentlemen and myself.

He actually said something much longer, but I shorted it in our discussion to saying, “So basically, dreaming is freedom. The best reason for this freedom, is that reasons, don’t exist. They’re not necessary.” Over the years, I’ve carried the conversation with me….the super short version I made in the song, became apart of this.

Like many of my poems/mantras, I placed a little-hidden message within. That’s also short, but also the point.







“the best reason

for dreams

is that a reason

is never necessary.”