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24x40in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural CottonĀ 

This painting came from a series of conversations that led to me and the owner of this piece linking up via a mutual friend in Atlanta. During a rainy Sunday on the golf course in his neighborhood in GA, we spent the better half of the afternoon talking life, passions, and business. He handed me a few cigars (still some of the best i’ve smoked) and mid convo, two priest walked up to our table to join in the conversation (one with a cigar in hand). We went from talking mindsets, to marriage and love, to people claiming their own brilliance, spirit animals (the owner of this piece happens to be a Shark), really a great time. After a few weeks, I wrote the poem below and texted it to him. I wanted the poem to not only be a moment from our time with cigars at the Club House, overlooking the golf course through on & off rain….but also to capture his spirit animal. Initially, a shark can feel super aggressive and violent. But that’s really the opposite of this brotha, he’s more calm and his vibe is super genuine & present. So i wanted to paint this shark as more of a protector that feeds on the right opportunities (this patron owns several successful business), providing in a number of ways for those around him, while also being present enough to teach others to dream (his family moving here from another country and building from the ground up)….to reach, to be brilliant.

“a rainy afternoon
near a sea
of possibilities
and a priest
this shark
surfs the waves of time
protecting those he loves
feeding on opportunity
and from time to time
teaching smaller fish…
to dream.”