Death is an illusion

framed collection

60 x 108 inches

Being Spiritual, I know and feel the impact God has had and is having in my life. During a time of a lot of death, chaos, pain, uncertainty, it had me reflecting over this thing we call “death”. I had to ask my self some hard questions…for a long time, I was afraid of death… It seemed like a bully. Some inescapable monster that walks you down (sometimes jumping out of closets or some crawl space, surprise! Only to take us away). Which caused me not to take any unnecessary risk growing up. Falling into music, into art, into nature, into spirituality, I’ve become unafraid of death. I feel, although it’s still a great mystery, I understand it all in some familiar way…as if, part of me has already experienced this “death”….im rambling….i guess what I’m trying to say lol, is truly in the painting.

Love yall

this piece is part of a new series of large paintings I’ve spent the last 9 months working on. Each painting floats in a custom handmade frame 🙌🏾