Cup of Coffee

48 x 36 / SOLD

48x36in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

This piece started during the Aspen Institute Socrates discussion. They are known for providing forums for the exploration of challenging questions through expert-moderated dialogue aimed at facilitating a thoughtful exchange of ideas between participants with the intent of building bridges of understanding across diverse experiences and backgrounds.

I was asked to create one of my PoAnguardia fine art pieces from what I felt the groups were trying to communicate with each other. Most groups spoke about the landscape of this country; race, difficult questions Americans need to start asking, seeing the truth in perspectives different than your own, and many many other worthwhile topics. While listening to these groups, I noticed coffee mugs at every table. Some people were getting up with empty cups to fill, others had enough and there cup sat alone on the table. But it was clear to me, that out of the entire group, the coffee cup had a lot of wisdom to share in the room. No matter the cups opinion on the matter, it remained opened, it let whatever needed to be poured into itself, be. No one had to pour coffee inside, it would have served them if it was tea as well (which is what was inside my WeWork coffee cup). It came open, became full, then emptied out again into each person….and we all got what we need from the experience. A tired man his coffee, an older woman her orange juice, and me…I got my tea. This is what came to me from that observation.


I asked
a coffee cup
‘How is it
That you serve
So many?’
And it replied
‘By not coming
To the table
Already full’