48 x 60 / SOLD

60 x 48in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

While writing this poem, I was going through a rough patch. Many things were changing around me and I started to feel alone. I was moving places, I had too much on my plate creatively with short turn arounds,, the loss of a family member, and a company back out last minute on a really big art commission (like, very big………..this thing was HUGE).
I started to feel as if I was in some desert, praying for the sky to pardon me from this burden with any kind of relief….a cloud, some rain, anything. And through writing this, I started to smile, and what felt heavy, and hard, and overwhelming ~ became light, and I started to see the blessing in having to go through this “desert”. It built a type of endurance and patience within me. Just a few weeks after writing this poem I sold 7 pieces of art and a great commission through an Engineering Software company. They asked for a piece of fine art poetry that reflected the mission of the company but also asked if I could lead them on a retreat and talk about process, being, and wellness…. crazy because just a few weeks before, Im the one that needed a reminder about process, being, and wellness…..if not for this appetite for poetry and art, I have no idea how I’d be able to find these hideaways within my own drama.
Side Note: In this piece, I wrote 1,000’s of words (about 12 different encouraging words repeating) with a bunch of hidden messages mixed in. It took awhile to create, but I wanted my body to go through the burden of this piece, the same way my body went through those long drawn out weeks where I felt alone, in a desert……