48 x 36 / SOLD

48 x 36 in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Learning and unlearning…..
A young man I’m mentoring through poetry asked me while walking, “Genesis, what do you mean when you say ‘living life for a living’?” At that same moment, across the street a happy homeless drunk reclined on a bench waving at us. After we waved back, I replied to this young man, “it means we’ve discovered a way, to get drunk on the air we breathe.”

Living life for a living, being truly human, is the goal in which everything moves.
Becoming closer to whatever original purpose you believe in, right?

I believe this……I believe it’s worth reminding ourselves. I wanted this mantra to rise above the muddy vibe beneath…..I wanted to paint what “closet air” recycled again and again would feel like as a color – mixed with day in and day out of something totally unfilling. If you find yourself living a “script” you don’t even feel the author of, this becomes a nice reminder 🙂