Be Creative

48 x 60 / SOLD

48x60in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

Has anyone ever tried to make you feel bad about what you do?
Early 2016, I had some innocent but draining energy thrown my way. Started with one friend telling me, “Hey Genesis, you stay up too late….you should wake up early. Successful people wake up early.”  

Then another “Why do you have a notebook with you everywhere you go? You gonna write at the bar? Just enjoy the bar man, everything doesn’t have to be art.”

lol. and yet another, “You should create but only for a sectioned time. Like, I set up a time from 1pm to 3pm where I do creative stuff, then I decompress and go about my day. You should do that too.”

That’s when I wrote this little mantra,
inside a bar (The Honest Pint),
at 2a.m. when it came to me.

Those suggestions people gave me may work well for them, and that’s cool…but for me, it has to be open. It may be late or early. It may be near a beautiful window overlooking mountains that crash into a sea, or it could be inside a smoky bar with a bunch of noise when the most beautiful idea or poem hits me. I don’t turn “creative” on and off….it’s apart of me. It’s like an extra limb. I can’t cut it off.
It’s simple, I’ll be what I am.




“while they sleep – create

when you’re tired – create

in love – create

inspired – create

sad – create

be what you are – create”