40 x 30 / SOLD

40x30in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton

An older woman that worked at Waffle House became a friend of mine from my constant 2am coffee / writing sessions near the large windows there. One day I asked her, “if you were doing anything else in the world, what would it be?” She told me so many things that were so far away from her current life….from taking care of a farm, writing a script for a movie she’s been playing in her mind, and another was to travel the world playing an instrument (can’t remember if it was the trumpet or saxophone) to comfort any sad or broken souls. When I asked her to quit and go do one of those things (which is definitely easier said than done, I really was just curious), she laughed….”impossible, I cant do that”.

“Why not?”

Her reply before getting up to hand someone their check, “Perhaps in another life, in this one I wait tables.”

If she was happy or fulfilled waiting tables that’s one thing, but when you become a friend to someone that is working a job you know they have no business working (she wasn’t happy at Waffle House), makes you want to shake them….wake up the sleeping giant that live within them. Remind them that in this finite slice of life, to live…LIVE!