A reminder, when you need help with the internal battles

40 x 30 / SOLD


this piece was inspired by a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine. He had recently started going back to #AA and shared something with me that he heard a man struggling with addiction told him. It hit my heart….truly. I remember as a younger man struggling with pornography and feeling too embarrassed to let anyone know about it. Which eventually became a habit, until it was even difficult letting a day go by without watching a little bit of that stuff. I was sick. Because it wasn’t growing me or nurturing me in any way…it really only made me feel, ashamed. It wasn’t until I started sharing my struggle with friends, with God (through prayer), that i felt some real healing. And something that used to be a struggle, no longer has a grip over me as it did. Lol, not trying to be  “preachy” to anyone (you do you), i just always have to be honest in my work. The skeleton to any good painting, will always be honest. It’ll always be truth.
Love yall 💜