48 x 48 / commissions / SOLD


48x48in Acrylic on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton


This painting was a commissioned piece for a friend of mine that lives on Lookout Mnt. TN. It was a surprise for his dad, who was a pastor at a prison for many years. While their, he became very close friends with an inmate on death row. For 12 years, they laughed together, cried together, shared stories….very close. He asked this pastor to be their on the day he was executed. The pastor, on the day of execution, held up the “love” symbol in sign-language, and the inmate responded with “I love you Rock” ~ Rock being a nickname he gave the pastor. The inmate held a thumbs up, then he was executed.

The son of this pastor, many many years later, became a patron of my work (buying several paintings over the years). And when he told me this story, I thought it’d be a really humbling opportunity to convey that moment through my PoAnguardia work. Months later, he sent me a screen shot of the text his father (the pastor) sent him when he asked about it. That was the green light to start this piece. He surprised his father with this gift of art, during the holidays before the end of the year. Was such an honor to┬ábe apart of this.