This Time

60x48in Oil on Archival-Quality Natural Cotton


I wrote part of this poem after missing out on  a big creative project near the summer of 2016. Then, like most good things in life, I gave it time to breathe. I didn’t come back to this poem until early October, after my ex-girlfriend and I broke up and by the craziest stroke of chance….in a parking garage, I met Briana. It was almost like I went through so much to start back at the beginning. Within three hours of meeting this girl, I told my brother I was going to marry her. How is this possible? I was just telling myself I’d be single for an entire year, then suddenly, as if her heart was some big broom, she swept me away.
I never believed in soul mates.
Or falling in love with someone only after hours of knowing them, that’s stuff for the movies.
But now, “this time” I see things differently. Every experience, relationship, success, and failure was all necessary for my soul’s evolution as a human being. All those long walks were necessary, to truly begin walking from the beginning.